Available from Januar 2019

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Vessel specification:
Built:                                                                                                                                                                                     2018
Shipyard: BTS, Surabaya, Indonesia
Flag: Danish
Trade area: World wide
Length O.A: 39 m
Beam: 10,3 m
Max draft: 1,8 m
Air draft: 13,8 m
Bow fender height: 3,5 m
GT: 365,4
NT: 109,6
Crew and IP facilities:
Crew: 6
Crew berths: 8 x single cabins
IP: 24
Seats: 24 x KAB 544 mechanical suspension w/ lap belt
Seating area: 7 tables with chairs.
Comfort: 1 x lounge with sofa and 42” TV
  4 x 32” TV for safety video and DVD.
  WIFI throughout the vessel.
  1 x galley with stove, 2 x microwave, coffeemaker and kettle.
  2 x public toilets. 1 with emergency shower.
  4 x IP resting cabins with 2 x berths in each.
Storage: 3 x freezer, 3 x refrigerators.
Max speed work load:      32.000 l fuel, 5 t spares:   25 kn
Max speed full load: 62.000 l fuel 13 t cargo:   21 kn
Range: 3.000 nm
Ship tanks: 2 x 16.000 l, total 32.000 l fuel
Cargo tanks: 2 x 15.000 l, total 30.000 l fuel
Fresh water: Fresh water maker with 2,5 m³ tank
Sewage: Sewage treatment plant with 2 m³ tank
Max cargo: With 12.000 l fuel 60.340 kg
Fwd deck area: 100 m² with 1 t/m² Partly 2 t/m²
Aft deck area: 40 m² with 1 t/m²
Total deck area: 140 m²
Container fittings: 2 x 40” or 5 x 20” or 10 x 10”
Deck equipment:
Crane: AMCO VEBA 825-4S: SWL: 1610 KG @ 11,9 m
Fueling: 1 x 30 m 2’ hose with several types of connections.
Pump capacity 750 l/min @ 23 m
Pressure washer: High pressure washer with 40 m hose.
Deck output: 3 x reefer plugs.
Engine equipment:
Main engines: 4 x Cummins K38-M 746 kW
Aux engines: 2 x Cummins QD 50 Hz 50 kW 400V & 230V
Gear boxes: 4 x Reintjes 430 VLJ w/ PTO
Jets: 4 x KaMeWa S50-3/CA
Bow thrusters: 2 x DT2 50kW Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters
Navigation equipment:
Radar: Furuno FAR-1518-BB ARPA radar
Radar: Furuno DRS-4D-NXT w/MaxSea overlay
ECDIS: 2 x Furuno FMD-3100 full ECDIS.
VHF: 2 x Furuno FM-8900S
VHF: Motorola DM-4400E for windfarm specific P-channels
MF/HF: Furuno FS-1575
AIS: McMurdo Smart find M5
Sat Compass: Furuno SC-70
GPS: Furuno GP-170
Echo sounder: Furuno FCV-588
Nav tex: Furuno NX-700
Speed log: Furuno GS-100
Autopilot: Navitron NT-888G
Motion dampening: Humphree Active Ride control
Bridge control:
Maneuvering: Rolls Royce control units with joystick w/ docking mode. Rolls Royce “DP 0” system.
Navigation lights: Lopolight LED navigation lights.
Monitoring: Praxis control unit with integrated monitoring of all alarms and all systems and tank measuring.
CCTV with 20 cameras and 10 days storing.
InteliVision 8 for main engines.
Cummins marine generator display.
Rolls Royce 10” monitor for the jets.
BWA Furuno BR-500 Bridge watch alarm.
Charterer facilities:
On bridge: 1 desk with 2 workstations
  Sofa with 32” TV
  Refrigerator, sink, coffeemaker and kettle.