MH-O&Co offers a wide range of services in support of the offshore energy industry, to operate and maintain all types of marine civil engineering installations Mainly in Northern European waters.

Our services

We provide charterers with modern, crewed, high speed vessels for:
  • Transport of personnel
  • Transport of equipment
  • Transfer of fuel
  • Transfer of cargo and equipment with vessels’ own cranes
  • Use as a dive platform
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Subsea equipment deployment
We provide the industry with the following services:
  • Training of crew for CTV operations in Windfarms, World Wide
  • Operation of vessels, World Wide
  • Chartering of Offshore windfarm vessels
  • Vessel design and construction
  • Design and optimization of Fast CTV's
  • Inspection / Owners representative during construction of aluminum vessels
  • Identification and tendering for shipyard for constrution

Types of industry

  • Offshore windfarm construction
  • Wind farm cable laying operations
  • Wind turbine operation and maintenance
  • Offshore energy installation, operation and maintenance

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